Vertical Bagging Baler

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Ideal for compressing and packaging small loose materials our Vertical bagging balers make light work of materials that would otherwise be hard to pack and dispose of.

These balers can pack almost any loose material ranging from pet food supplies,  fertilizer, fabric, straw, hay, wood shavings through to some food stuffs such as nuts  and seeds. In fact almost any type of small loose material can be baled and bagged.

The ergonomic design of the loading and operating system of these balers make them  very efficient, with one person being able to produce up to 30 bales per hour. With bagged bales weighing between 20kg – 30kg handling and transportation is simple.

One advantage of this model is the ability to remove the bag allowing you to bale other materials which do not need a bag. This makes it a very versatile machine and allows for a wide variety of uses.
Baling Application: wood shavings, chopped straw, paper shreds, chaff, rice hull, cotton seeds, rags, peanut shells, mineral cotton fiber and other similar loose materials.

Main Features

Automatic Baling and Bale Ejecting : Minimizes work effort and reduces risk of injury whilst maintaining high efficiency.

Auto Bagging : Enables the compacted bales to be ejected directly to the bag at the outlet of the chamber.

One Button Operation : makes baling, ejecting, and bagging a continuous process, saving time while allowing efficient operation by one person.

One-time Material Feeding : increases baling productivity.

Choose from our existing models or contact us today for a customized model to meet your specific baling demands.

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