Tire Baler

tire baler main pictureThe tyre baler is a heavy duty vertical baler specifically designed for compressing materials with a high rebound factor. This baler is similar to the standard tyre baler but utilises a heavier duty hydraulic system and increased cooling capacity.

This unit is exceptionally efficient, requiring only 7 strokes to turn 120 – 140 tyres into a single bale.  The 35 second cycle time makes it the industry leader for this type of baler. Being a vertical baler it takes less space on the factory floor making it an ideal solution for any business requiring baling of high rebound materials.

Baling Application: car tyres, truck tyres, bicycle tyres, motorcycle tyres, various rubber products etc.

Tyres and similar products can be used to produce recycled products recycled  into a number of things including  bales are widely used to create a variety of materials for construction projects, sound dampening products, oil refining, and other civil engineering applications. This baler offers the opportunity So turn your recycled tires into profits now and choose from our optimized tire baler models below.
Or contact us for a customized tire / tyre baling solution today.

Main Features

Industry Leading Cycle Time : 35 second cycle provides superior productivity

Dual inlet/outlet oil Filtration : Superior oil flow prolonging the life of the unit through less wear and tear.

High Flow air-cooling : Efficient air-cooling system protects the hydraulic system .

CE Certification Compliant for all Electric Wiring and Components : Locked-out electrical panel with fully separate low and high voltage circuitry – it’s as safe as possible.

Auto Bale Ejection : Bales are automatically ejected, maximising efficiency.

Double Split Platens with Movable Link : Protects the platens from being distorted when the two rams move in different rate.

Retractable Retainer Claws : Prevents the tyres from rebounding

Hydraulic-driven Opening Door : Ensures operational safety and easier opening & closing

Front & Back Opening doors : For ease of strapping and bale ejecting

Download The Brochure

Download The Brochure