Drum Crusher

drumcrusherOur Drum Crushers utilise strong hydraulic pressure to flatten almost any kind of metal container, drum or barrel.

Our Drum Crushers can compact up to 65 pieces per hour using a compression force of 88,000lbs. The Drum Crusher is safely operable by one person making for great labour efficiency.

Use of this type of crusher can afford massive increases in available storage area, will similarly large gains to be made in transport and recycling costs.

Baling Applications: steel oil drums, steel paint barrels, and any other types of steel/aluminum drums/barrels

Main Features

  • Spikes on the Platen : punctures drum for easy crushing and maximum operator safety by negating air pressure build up.
  • Long Stroke :  enables high compaction ratio to minimise height of crushed barrel, further reducing your waste footprint.
  • Liquid Draining Channel : for efficient removal of any excess liquid remaining in drums.

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Download The Brochure

Download The Brochure