About Easy Waste.

Easy Waste in an entirely Australian owned and operated Pty Ltd company located in Mornington, Victoria.

What we do.

We offer your a complete waste management solution that is tailored to your specific needs. Our service comprises :

  • Waste Cost Analysis – This assesses your current waste management requirements against your current waste management service to determine if it is the most appropriate and cost effective solution for you.
  •  Comparative Analysis – Once we have determined the best possible solution we will then obtain pricing from a range of services providers to get the best possible rate for the provision of your tailored waste mangement solution.
  • Flexible Service Agreements – Tired of long term convoluted contracts? Our Service Agreements are flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs.
  • Provider Management – Once a provider is selected we will manage the provider for the duration of your time with us. This provides a single point of contact. If you have any changes, issues, disputes or need an alteration to the service we handle it all on your behalf. 
  • Best Of All There Is No Cost To You – That’s right, you won’t receive a bill form us or anyone in respect of setting up your new waste management solution. This a free service, the only invoice you will be receiving will be the new lower invoice for the actual emptying of your bin/s.